My approach as a Personal Life Coach is not just make you feel better, but to make you become better. 


Life Coaching is a honest conversation between me and you, in a safe environment, to identify and work towards your life goals. Creating a Life Strategy that inspires you to expand your comfort zone and achieve what you really want.    

My coaching style is completely different from therapy, counselling or consulting. With me, you will need to work and put the effort in to change your own life. I will be open and honest with you, which sometimes can be radical, but I'm not here to sell you dreams.

Nothing is impossible. If you read the "About Me" section, you will understand I'm talking from experience.


I offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions in person (Sheffield and West Yorkshire area) and online.

​Areas I can help you to change your life, including but not limited to:

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Financial goals

  • Work – Life balance

  • Career goals and career change

  • Decision making

  • Confidence

  • Relationship

  • Goal settings and achievements

  • Improved productivity, creativity and leadership skills


The question is:


Are YOU ready to accept my help and change your own life?

start your journey

This is the first step towards your new life. A private consultation where we get a clear picture of each other. We identify the problem areas in your life and establish ...
Free Initial Consultation
45 min
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