Welcome. I am Sandor Vegso. 

Love my family, life and music. 

Like many people, I have faced with several issues in my personal life, from unhealthy work–life balance to starting everything all over from ground zero.

​My parents divorced. I have spent one and half year in a hospital due to a back injury at age 13. My stepfather passed away when I was 18, due to cancer.

At age 23 (in 2004) we have made a difficult decision and moved to England with my future wife. 3 month later we ended up in a hotel room with limited language skills and £27 in our pocket.

I had dreams, high hopes and could not accept not trying. Managed to find a job with an agency and went to college every night after work. Through the coming years I've completed several courses, including ESOL, Studio Recording and Sound Engineering, I'am a Transport Manager and International CPC holder in Road Haulage.

I am a Certified Multi Disciplinary Practitioner: qualified as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. However my theory about certifications is: Not the papers I can hang on the wall will define me as a good Coach, but how I can contribute and make permanent impact on my client’s life.


Today I have a beautiful family, released my own music and have a great track record in my career.


As I usually say: "Because dreams come true"

I am passionate about changing people's lives for the better. Today I am able to provide help to others and show the way to a better life. 

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