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3 Stages to develop values in early life

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

We are responsible for our children's future.

Age 0 - 7 / The Imprint Period

During this period children are absorbing. Taking in every single moment, whether it is true or not, especially if it comes from their parents. Children learns what is "right" or "wrong", which will follow them through most part of their life, with the information stored in conscious and subconscious mind. They pay attention, learn the emotions coming from their surroundings, like Anger means "bad", Happiness means "good". Unfortunately this happens without any analysis before age of 4, meaning if the children told that they are "bad", they will accept and grow with the belief of they are a bad person, without even knowing what it means.

Age 8 - 13 / The Modelling Period

Children model their surrounding during this period. They copy their parents, but also they will look out for other people to admire, friends, heroes or idols. This is the time when the children will start developing own taste, based on what they see from others, accept what they believe it's suit them or reject what's not. Around age of 10 they will want to become the person they admire. Parents should look out more for the children behaviour at this stage.

Age 14 - 21 / The Socialisation Period

At this stage young people influenced by their social circles or friends. They are looking for like -minded people, who think or look like them. They develop their own needs, which often differ form the people modelled in early stage. The young generation start to pay attention towards media platforms, especially the ones which communicate with their current social circles. By age 21 they will develop their social and relationship values

After age 21 our core values fully developed, however it can be changed with effective life coaching or creating a life strategy.

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