• Sandor Vegso

5 Tips to Move Forward

Sandor Vegso - Life Coach, Sheffield

Sometimes we have to create a momentum to move forward in life. It's not necessarily have to be difficult, however it requires some work to get the ball rolling. If you stuck, the following tips will help to get that momentum:

Life Strategy – Visualise what you would like to achieve. Set goals which you can reach today, in one year and in ten years time. Write down your goals, and create a progress report for better result.

Finances – Do regular checks on your finances. Make sure that you know exactly what you're spending money on. Measure up and if necessary find where you can save 5 % – 10 % and put it on a separate account. Even 1% can make a huge difference at the end of the year.

Lifestyle Changes – Find a job that you're actually like to do. You will know when you're ready for the change (“I hate Mondays”). It is very easy to get the right qualifications nowadays, all you have to do is to create enough time to study. Monitor what you spend time on and you will soon find out where you can cut corners.

Reduce Negativity – When your mood is good, everything seems to be easier. Unfortunately there are people or circumstances which can drag you down time to time. However it is in your power to eliminate them. It may offend some, but it is Your life. It is OK to say no.

Less Procrastination – Delaying things can demolish your chances to get a momentum. Plan your days, know your next step. Have a clear vision what the completion of the task will give you. Set up a reward structure for your tasks, so when you completed them you can treat yourself.

Sandor Vegso (Certified Life Coach) is the owner and founder of Coaching and Life Strategies Ltd (, which helps individuals and organisations to reach their full potential.

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